Universal Design for Learning

Strategies and Practices for Inclusive Excellence

Use this guide to help you develop inclusive courses and create more welcoming and effective learning environments.

Accessibility Checklist

Designing and developing accessible courses increases educational opportunities for all students and helps students succeed academically. This checklist will help you improve the accessibility of your course and course materials.

Using Accessibility Checker for Course Materials in Canvas and MS Office

This presentation focuses on making course materials more accessible and working towards Universal Design for a biology course.

Impacts of Cognitive Load on Student Learning

This video explains aspects of course design that can contribute to cognitive overload as well as simple things instructors can do to reduce the cognitive load of their students.

Captioning Videos for Accessibility

This presentation explains the importance of captioning videos for accessibility and Universal Design and how VidGrid can be used to caption videos.

Deconstructing ableism in the classroom

Deconstructing ableism in the classroom: a guide to equitable and dynamic instruction at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.