Active Learning Online: Post-lecture Quizzes


Active Learning Online: Post-lecture Quizzes (5:09)

Use quizzes to bust the fluency illusion and give timely feedback.


  • Asynchronous feedback in the learning moment
  • Promotes self-driven learning and reflection
  • Ideal for the online student
  • Reduced grading time
  • Once it is set up, it is ‘hands off’ help
  • Flexible use for in-person and online audiences


  • Follow each online lecture with a short quiz (~3 questions).
  • Make the quiz 'low stakes.' This can be done by making these quizzes worth few points, giving multiple attempts and/or giving an excess of points in this grade category so students are free to make mistakes as they try the content for the first time, then learn from those mistakes.
  • Add additional feedback in the quiz to address student misconceptions.

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You can also use Vidgrid integration with Canvas to add a quiz in the video in Vidgrid. The assignment can be scored and added to the gradebook automatically.